New York Metropolitan Vintage Photo Collection


Seen it. Great film! You can find something similar at


a reminder that the crowns of Brookfield Place/WFC are copper, not some random green material

4th of july by Steven Oldak, on Flickr



Lower Manhattan seen in 1964.
Old skyline, Singer Building to the right, Home Insurance Building under construction, and the old Steam Corporation building’s chimney.

This brings me to something. I know I’m drifting off topic slightly but this is making me morbidly curious.

Does anyone know what this building is?

I see it in pictures between 1964 and 1987. 75 Wall Street’s plaza occupies the site now. Anyone know what it was or have pics of it?


Here’s a good one: 1966. Construction of 140 Broadway.



That footage was incredible. That first shot where the camera zoomed out and the skyline was so much more bare than it is today. Midtown also looked so different from today. Great find Hudson!


Indeed, awesome find. The ESB was truly the king in that time.

Also puts into perspective how massive the city is today that a building like the ESB is just one of many.







During the blackout:

When the lights came back on:



just imagine the progress another 50 years from now!


The Edison Monthly/National Geographic Creative/Corbis


rip singer building. also that editorial that the pic comes from is a pretty good read.


1938 Autochromes


1955 3 (5) New York EB by Michael Cairns, on Flickr

1963 5 New York (1) EB. by Michael Cairns, on Flickr

Sept_1968_ (20) by Michael Cairns, on Flickr


img262 by foundin_a_attic, on Flickr

1933 by foundin_a_attic, on Flickr


note the doomed 270 Park on the right.

UNK020_1.jpg by utpmg, on Flickr

UNK020_21.jpg by utpmg, on Flickr

UNK020_6.jpg by utpmg, on Flickr

Roll_00190_6.jpg by utpmg, on Flickr

Roll_00190_7.jpg by utpmg, on Flickr

The World Fair in its former glory

Roll_00190_10.jpg by utpmg, on Flickr

Roll_00190_9.jpg by utpmg, on Flickr


The buildings were so dirty.


This is that famed 1962 aerial showing the WTC site, but this time, in color and without the outline.

From Otis Elevator Co. Ad