NEW YORK | Madison Square Park Tower | 777 FT | 63 FLOORS


Rhapsody in Blue, from Fantasia 2000 ^^


May 22nd


Backless Stapless Bras huh? The power of gravity!

Just makes life easier ya know.


As I’m sure you agree, Chris (as a fellow connoisseur of the female anatomy), no bra is preferred. I love nip action !


Taken today May 12th, 2016.


Pretty good photos, Emoglez. :slight_smile:


May 12th

Some gems near Astor Place


Nice photos too, robert. :slight_smile:


Thanks, Dragon.


Thank you! :upside_down:


Today from Hoboken


You can see it from 42nd and Park!


You can see it from 42nd and Park!


It’s almost like a mini One Vanderbilt


I haven’t thought of that, but you’re RIGHT!


Clever shot. That’s 400 PAS in the foreground yes? Kind of amazing how much it looks like it could be one building.


Bear in mind that’s the illusion formed by 400 PAS and 45 E 22nd behind it, but you’re right, the two together look like a mini 1 Vandy!


I agree , Marshall. It’s a cool sight.


Credit: [URL=“”]FC[/URL]


Great photo!!!