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Just saw his tweet, disgraceful that someone would take advantage of a tragedy like this and just further their political goals with Nimby’s. Its people like this that cause people to be brainwashed!


I’ve always admired that church. Practically every structure in that area is stunning, though not all are in good repair. Until recently, that area, as a whole, was dilapidated.
I believe the church is a block-through structure, and to be honest, I always wondered if it would be razed, since gorgeous old churches are routinely razed in NY.


Yes it’s block through but it was landmarked and on the NRHP so no risk of demolition. I hope that they will restore it and not just tear the ruins down. Such a shame it was stunning while it lasted


The site where the church stands"?" is not inside Madison Square North Historic District, and with the church gone expect a really tall/big new neighbor. Maybe not in its place, but directly west of it (Chelsea Flea Market). Along with the landmark’s air-rights there’s a huge combo of over 470,000 sq. ft. if the parking lot next to it is merged.


It may have been landmarked, but I think that Emoglez is correct that it was not within the historic district, which in my opinion, should be significantly expanded.

I don’t know if any part of it is still standing. Even if it is, I’m sure that this will be razed. The congregation will obtain a significant financial windfall.


That’s horrible news. That’s a shame. I just read an article about the church and indeed it was designated as a city landmark in 1968.



This is so sad. :disappointed:


I predict something similar as to First Church in Boston. There was a large fire in the 60’s and after that they tore most of the buidling down but preserved what was preservable leading to a mix of old yet with a new hall etc

Old facade of churchNew hall


Hum… That’s interesting. Let’s see if this will happen to the Manhattan’s Serbian Orthodox Cathedral.


Just walked by. The structure is still standing, but the roof and windows are gone. Hopefully, greed will not prevail.




Fires around Orthodox Easter torch 3 churches in 3 cities

There might be something bigger at play here. It is probably to early to speculate but we can’t count anything out.









Very nice. I like this rendering. Haven’t seen it before.


I couldn’t agree more! Love these renderings!


Wow Wow WOW! where did these renders come from!?


from official website.