NEW YORK | Madison Square Park Tower | 777 FT | 63 FLOORS




This tower should of been a super tall. Its design would look fantastic at 1100 ft keeping the same ratio.

That pic by VG, 3 posts above… now imagine it at 1100 ft.



To the front left of the whitney you can see more equipment at the pier 52/gansevoort penninsula which I think will become another park just south of the pier 55 park which I think is still stalled with legal issues.



Only 20 million. :slight_smile: Those views are great and safe from obstruction, I think.


The construction elevator is coming down and glass is coming in it’s place.


Nice photo, jc




Credits to Thomas Koloski for finding this!



Credits to Thomas Koloski for finding this!






Smack in the middle.

Credit: Michael Lee


Great shot. The mechanicals on top kill this beauty.


It looks like they will be covering those up in the renderings.


the fact that they already have the air traffic warning lights up there suggests the parapet will not go higher.




Those are some very nice views!



Yup. Those mechanicals do not look good. .


Too bad they couldn’t hid that bulkhead.