NEW YORK | Madison Square Park Tower | 777 FT | 63 FLOORS




Early light on the east side of Manhattan looking stright across 23 St. the Met Life Tower, 700', just to the right of One Madison, 618', NY., NY… by andy (jake) jalakas, on Flickr


Very nice shot you found, hunser!!




Is it me or does the gap between midtown and downtown seem to be getting smaller and smaller?



Nice find, VG. You can really appreciate this tower’s height from that angle.


Great find @Vertical_Gotham this tower is so beautiful and an instant icon, would be amazing if I could get a shot from inside :grin::blush:


Thanks guys. This is definitely a gem.




This building has captivated my heart! It is a truly amazing building that is sleek and not too tall.

It is fully clad except for where the construction elevator is and where the crane has its rings attached.

It’s near by neighbor, the Metropolitan Life Insurance Tower is just as beautiful and amazing. Built in 1909 and designed by Napoleon Lebrun & Sons, it served as the tallest building in the world until 1913. Standing at 700 feet it is still has a big impact on the New York skyline.

Another neighbor is the Fuller Flatiron Building. Built in 1902 and designed by Daniel Burnham it was and still is a NYC icon that stands at 285 feet tall.

A panoramic view of 23 street skyline.


Love your shots and infos nyc1!!!
This new tower is really turning out great and in a good spot in Manhattan!

And yeah, I agree that the Metropolitan Life Insurance Company Tower still has an impact on the city’s skyline.
Ever since I watched the pictures of New York and in movies, and when I was on the 86th floor of the Empire State Building in 2006 trip, one of the buildings that draw my attention was that clock tower.
And not so long ago, I was surprised that it was the tallest building in the world before Woolworth Building as you wrote it here!

Needless to say, the Flatiron Building isn’t as tall as its neighbors, but it’s also a cool, stunning and impressive one in NYC. ^^





Looking at Dragon’s last pics, I can’t help thinking what a view it would have been…


Nice photos, lads!

From the High Line!

July 21st




Great shot!




Great photo!


Agreed! That’s why I wanted to show it to you all!
Thanks to @jakobdahlin! He takes great shots of NYC! ^^