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Look Brooklyn can have nice things. This used to be an empty lot.

Bonus: This is 363 Grand Avenue, the oldest apartment building in Brooklyn.


awesome Tec!


Brooklyn has a lot of nice throwback brick buildings. They don’t usually get picked up on our radar. That one is particularly nice.


Thank you Chris I’ll look into it right away.


It is the Pendry


Looks like this old broken decrepit building is finally coming down on the High Line. It had been sitting there with a ripped black covering on it forever.
Wonder what’s replacing it?







Yeah, this ones stunning! The meatpacking is really coming together with so many interesting buildings.


Today from west 44th and 10th. Not sure if the Target is still going in here? Anyone know for sure?


This old garage is now being replaced by a new jewelery retail/commercial building.

Last week



Huge improvement!


Of all the amazing projects, I’m calling the RH Building the Building of the Year. It is absolutely spectacular!


More of this please!! If only this amount of class were applied to the theater renovations in Times Square …

Getting great European vibes from this project.


90 Morton