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I wonder what it’s like up there? Seems an odd choice for an architecture firm.


How do I get these guys to stop using my images? I keep sending invoices.


Revealed: Former Jehovah’s Witnesses’ Site to Get Playful ODA-Designed Condo


805 Washington Ave




“Sister City” from the Ace hotel people on the bowery. On a side note the amount of retail vacancies was pretty stunning, the landlords must be expecting demand to go up when this hotel opens.


All the buildings on the northeast corner of 34th and 8th have now been demo’d

This is one of the buildings seemingly going up between the hotel at 261 w 34th and whatever will go up directly on the corner

As said, the corner lot is now vacant and we await to see what rises here:

NEW YORK | 261 W 34th St | 397 FT | 33 FLOORS

I’ll take that. It’s a massive improvement over the junk that was there. I wouldn’t be surprised if the new building is redeveloped in 20 years in Vornado can obtain that horrible McD on 8th.


fifty stories of luxury rentals in Hell’s Kitchen?


Great news. This should happen on all the NYCHA parking lots and city-owned vacant sites.

50 floors sounds entirely reasonable given the housing shortage and NYCHA need for cash.


My biggest target for replacement (besides the seemingly eternal 375 Pearl) is this awful Mini Storage building on the High Line with its tacky sign. It’s a huge lot too. Surely it’s only a matter of time right?


Took this shot today but unsure of whats going on here. I forgot name. This was from Union City.

There’s a empty parcel, looks like site is cleared. Another apartment complex.

nyc13 by Christopher Estevez, on Flickr


well, this is… something…


The Canyon of Mediocrity

225 4th

243-245 4th



150 Rivington



^For me, this is an example of the render being better than the actual product.






Spotted a nice low rise u/c.

Pics by me.

20181116_112523 by Christopher Estevez, on Flickr

20181116_112537 by Christopher Estevez, on Flickr


Pics by me. Taken today. I can’t find the thread for this. IDK if we have one. Address on work permit is not coming up in search.

20181116_113618 by Christopher Estevez, on Flickr

20181116_113613 by Christopher Estevez, on Flickr

20181116_113628 by Christopher Estevez, on Flickr