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I was just there yesterday too. We may have driven right past each other!


This is a great idea, and I hope it moves forward, but I see all these efforts as largely moot if the city continues to refuse to address the construction shed issue in the city.
Why spend $30 million when the street will still end up looking like this?


From the ‘canyon of mediocrity’.
225 4th Avenue, Brooklyn

243 4th Avenue



“Mansion” about to start in the village soon.



New commercial building on the corner of washington and gansevoort under construction

The on-site rendering looks good.


No thread yet.
70 Schermerhorn



Pics by me. Taken today of American Dream (meadowlands).

unnamed by Christopher Estevez, on Flickr

unnamed by Christopher Estevez, on Flickr


Thought I’d post a photo of the American Dream site too. This was a few weeks ago. This thing is gigantic


speaking of the Jersey, has anyone been past Liberty Science Center recently? They were supposed to be working on an awesome looking expansion. I don’t know if its still happening or if they’ve begun or not


the new glass is a big improvement


The Hendrik



It appears that they’re keeping those concrete elements of the façade. It’s still a lame PoS.


555 West End Avenue







27-49 Jackson Avenue

Credit: LICCourt


42-20 27th Street

Credit: LICCourt


335 Madison Ave Renovation (Vanderbilt Corridor Site)

SHoP has uploaded renderings of their overhaul of the building’s interior.

PHASE / Construction Documents
SIZE / 350,000 sf

Situated in the heart of Manhattan, at the crossroads of transit and commerce, 335 Madison Avenue is a 350,000sf mixed-use project that links the Industrial Age grandeur of Grand Central Terminal to a new era of transformative technology. Working with our client, Milstein Properties, SHoP has undertaken a complete renovation of the existing atrium lobby and office floors, as well as the design of many supporting amenity spaces, creating a new kind of workplace for Company, the newly founded innovation platform that will occupy this vertical tech campus. SHoP began the project with the comprehensive user research that Company had collected. From there, we started a dialogue about the opportunities presented by the building and how to integrate thoughtfully designed spaces with human technology and hospitality. SHoP conceptualized the finished product as a “neighborhood” that combines workplace and hospitality, providing a nurturing environment and creating networking opportunities for the start-ups and entrepreneurs that will occupy the building. The new spaces include a bar, multiple dining venues, several event spaces, a two-story glass enclosed library, a wellness center and gym, and a terrace with unparalleled views of Grand Central Station.


Terrible. This dump should be torn down and replaced with a modern supertall.