NEW YORK | LOW-RISE / GENERAL Development News + Construction


Pic by me. Taken today.

They are doing a lot of work on the parking garages. They are huge.


252 Seventh



138 Bowery

150 Rivington



Pic by me. On Jackson Ave. Taken today. Forgive me, but I forgot the name of this midrise. If someone knows, lemme know. Was too lazy to walk over.

IMG_0141 by Christopher Estevez, on Flickr


Taken today. Spotted this rendering for a small high rise. In LIC.

IMG_0138 by Christopher Estevez, on Flickr


1334 Bedford


856 Washington



Under the radar. Some developers are ravaging the character of East Flatbush.


Nice but I don’t understand the zoning in this city smh. Low rise commercial on a wide mostly residential corridor one block from four train lines.


123 Melrose

Hoxton Williamsburg

56 North 9th

10 Montieth



This one was completed in the last year. Love it.

325 West Broadway. ( couldnt find a thread for this if there was one?).



225 bowery. Refurbishing the existing 10 story building and adding another 4 on top.


165 Chrystie



That came out beautifully!


210 Bowery



Reclad and renovation of the Time-Life Building


Construction Update:10 Montieth

Credit: FC


Last pic is of the famous leaning tower of nomad.


New 8 story art gallery rising near the highline.


Wasn’t there a purchase or news on this site by the WTC? Or did I make that up?


Pics by me. Taken today of the Meadowlands mall u/c in NJ.