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148-150 Attorney Street in Lower East Side, Manhattan.


It appears there has been a design change with respect to the seven-story medical building to be constructed at 328 East 62nd Street, by the Ed Koch Bridge off-ramp. Originally what was proposed looked like this:

On-site rendering now shows this:

Construction appears to be imminent, as of yesterday:


I walked past this last weekend and it appeared that they have started to dismantle the old gas station.


I walked past this site last week and they had just started to dig.


I wonder why it’s only a seven-story low-rise for 615 10th Avenue. It seems like something taller could have gone on the site of the old gas station.


Yeah. Im surprised by that too. There are other taller buildings on this same block and the footprint is pretty big here at 615 10th.

I walked by again yesterday but didnt get a pic. The metal canopy structure for the station itself is completely gone now. So hopefully they are ready to start excavating soon.


This one is right next to macklowes 21 e 12th st. It is already 1 floor above ground. Macklowe looks like they are finishing foundation and will start to rise soon.





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Rendering for the seven-story low-rise has been revealed.


Looks pretty good. I wonder if Target is still supposed to be the retail tennant?


More progress at 65 newkirk in jsq



34 East 13th Street


New building in Kingsbridge section of the Bronx. 3469 Cannon Place


44 Box Street (Greenpoint, Brooklyn)



77 Clay Street (Greenpoint, Brooklyn)



94-96 Clay Street (Greenpoint, Brooklyn)



215 Freeman Street (Greenpoint, Brooklyn)



216 Freeman St (Greenpoint, Brooklyn)



197 Freeman Street (Greenpoint, Brooklyn)