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Throwback to fall 2008, when the world was ending. lol



r_170817011_beat0049_a by Mitch Waxman, on Flickr



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D72_4055_PC.JPG by Richard Pockat, on Flickr

D72_3005_PC.JPG by Richard Pockat, on Flickr



On Top Of The World by pepsigirl917, on Flickr


r_180225220_beat0014_a by Mitch Waxman, on Flickr

r_180225213_beat0014_a by Mitch Waxman, on Flickr

r_180225074_beat0014_a by Mitch Waxman, on Flickr


r_180301034_beat0015_a by Mitch Waxman, on Flickr


If Sunnyside Yards goes through… that would be borough changing and defining. I would love to see the LIC/Sunnyside/Astoria trifecta flourish.




This is the most general LIC thread we have.


agreed. I renamed the thread, the rezoning itself is ancient news, its been fulfilled and the purpose of the thread has more or less shifted to posting photos of the results.
There is also a separate thread for Sunnyside Yards, which will be the next big venture for the neighborhood


LIC just needs one defining super tall with a great design. I’m optimistic it’ll happen eventually.


Is there a place for them to put it that is safe from the FAA lol


Taken just now from Sunnyside. Notice 1MW and 30 HY.




I think this is my fav view of LIC from Queensboro Plaza. Looks like Citigroup has a lot of new friends.


That’s a great view, looks like Miami or Chicago or ?