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Nice updated front shot, Michelangelo!


St. Nicholas National Shrine at the World Trade Center Facebook Page

“The dome is continuing to take shape! The steel tension ring was installed over the weekend, where the 40 ribs of the dome will be secured to. The ribs will be installed over the next few weeks. Keep watching! or download the Earthcam app.”


Nice shots and nice progress of this church! ^^


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Pretty good shot, Michelangelo! ^^


Great shot! It’s finally starting to resemble the final structure. I can’t wait to see this (hopefully) finished at least on the outside by next Spring/Summer so the sphere can come home!


Thought I’d drop this morning’s earthcam pic here. Looks like they’re putting down the pavers for the plaza too


16 beams out of 40 are up


35 out of 40 beams are up



Progress diagram


Awesome! This church is really coming into shape!



St. Nicholas National Shrine at the World Trade Center Facebook page
The 40 ribs of the dome are in place! Over the next few weeks more work will be done on the dome structure and steel will be added for the glass and stone rainscreen that will begin next year. Progress continues…

These 40 ribs emulate the same design at Agia Sophia in Constantinople “But it was the dome that made Hagia Sophia the most complex building in antiquity. The shallow dome was made from 40 equally spaced ribs. Forty windows were then set at the dome’s base, creating the sensation that the dome actually floated over the church.” (PBS). Watch the construction live! Go to or download their app to view the multiple cameras recording this historic rebirth of St. Nicholas.


So far, so damn good! ^^


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Iron workers Install Ribs For Dome Roof at the Saint Nicholas Church


Upper compression rings are being installed


Nov 8


So far, so really good! ^^



Looking good! Can’t wait for glass!