NEW YORK | Liberty Park (WTC)


Anyone know when they plan on finishing Liberty Street? Not that it really matters as we can’t drive on it anymore but I would love to see those fences down already.


All I can say is before the entrance to the VSC is opened, maybe…maybe another year or less


Pink highlights have been drawn for the steel!



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Power Collection on the progress
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“The steel will be shipped in October or November”



FYI/ [old one]The sphere is in the reflection of WTC4


The sphere will be there, actually. The PANYNJ confirmed it a few months ago.


We have to wait 2 more years for it to be placed on Liberty Park


Thanks for the update Thomas
It seems that the placing of the Fritz Koenig sculpture will be the final phase of the project


Yea, it will be, but a fence and wood is in the way of where the Sphere will sit…for now


Interesting read with regard to the Pentelic marble from Greece

Calatrava originally mentioned that he would be using local USA Vermont marble


Steel is on site!


Earthcam (edited)


Finally! I really can’t wait to see the dome and marble finished on this especially so the sphere can finally return to (kind of) the Trade Center,




HOORAY!! :smile:


Progress diagram