NEW YORK | Liberty Park (WTC)






Did you see the Koenig Sphere on LP?


Won’t be there till after the Church is complete. Construction is in the way.


Camera is back up! But out of place


Just to let you guys know, the dome structure will be supported by steel beams, also the marble will be supported on these beams


1 more year!

Construction photo credit: @Sero91ls



Very good shots, Thomas!!
Look at the church and look at the steel cladding of 3WTC!! :smiley:
Such great updates!
I’m looking forward for your next shots, buddy! :smile:
Enjoy as much as you can!! :+1:


Forgot to upload these


For anyone who looks at the cameras and are wondering why there hasn’t been progress, there actually HAS been progress. From what I’ve seen they are making the stairs in thearly circular parts of the building, and other interior work. Wood and scaffolding should all be down by next month


Barely any progress, but the spiral stairs have been poured. I’m expecting the dome to rise in November now


Hoping for the dome to rise on November now! ^^


I like this park, but it should have been all green. The plaza setting works by the memorial, but all grass would have been better here.


Check it out, a brand new strip of light has appeared above the Living Wall!


Joe Woolhead


Hey, guys!
Check this video!
It’s beautiful!


Now we know that the steel is in progress!


I’ll be damned!
Great find, Thomas!
That’s very interesting!