NEW YORK | Liberty Park (WTC)



Great shot,mchlanglo793!
Just look at this church!

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Hey, if these are your shots, how did you get them, are they takenow from the World Center Hotel?


1 month and 11 day progress!


Yes these are my shots and yes I do take them from the hotel above


Nice pics of the Park in link:

World Trade Center’s Liberty Park Poised to Open Next Week


Either June 28th or July 4th the park is opening!


Some renders I found surfing the Internet


St. Nicholas progress diagram


Great video!

Here is some news on St. Nicholas: The west roof is being worked on and will top out by mid July. The dome has just started work and the dome should be enclosed by fall 2016. The church will be completed in early 2018


So far, so good!


Liberty Park opens on June 29th at 11:45 AM


Today at 11:45 in the morning, Liberty Park has officially opened! The one acre park sits 25 feet above Liberty, Greenwich, Cedar and Albany Street. St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church is still rising right now, with 4 floors poured. They are now working on the roof, the dome will be done by fall. The church should be done in early 2018.


There’s a nice video from above looking at the Liberty Park and the rooftop vents of the 4 WTC at the end of the video!




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Great and pretty shots of the new opened Liberty Park you found, VG!




WTC Sphere set to move to Liberty Park