NEW YORK | Liberty Park (WTC)


True @Otie, it probably is best to put it on Liberty Park


Progress diagram


Liberty Park elevation


I knew it has an elevation based on the pictures I saw! But I thought it was the opposite: down and up, and not up and down from left to right, ahahahhaha! Oh well, good to know.
And it’s a nice work you did, Thomas!


February and June

1st photo: mine
2nd photo: @Sero91ls


Wow, the church is really rising fast!!



Very nice! I just hope the Sphere gets its place somewhere in the park! ^^


Here are the measurements! I hope Google Maps was 100% acurate!


Holy Towers!
This helps a lot for anyone who wants to build this park!
In my case, with LEGO pieces! :smiley:
Being 100% or not, it helps a bunch!
I must thank you, Thomas! I owe you one! :smile:


Planting begins


So far so great! ^^
Can’t wait to see it done!


Progress is wrapping up soon!


Thank you for the fantastic photo mchlanglo793!


Taken from inside 7 World Trade Center


What a nice surprise!
And just seeing next to the church, I can’t stop thinking about the 5 WTC! Argh, I hope it rises there as originally planned!


Planting nearly done.

Also if you look closely on the top of the park, you can see that they placed the statue of the man on the horse (I forgot who it was), it was the statue that was gated and right next to the temporary PATH station entrance on Vesey


Very good shots, mchlanglo793!!
And aaahh! Isn’t that the… the America’s Response Monument?


It’s good that they finally put that statue somewhere where it wouldn’t be fenced in. Nice photos man, I love them! Keep em coming!


Hey, guys! Check this news out!!