NEW YORK | Liberty Park (WTC)


Concrete pours have happened a few days ago, regardless being installed for the 2nd floor and a concrete form has arrived, but not installed yet

Progress diagram



More rebar and forms are getting prepared for the second floor pour!


Floor 2 ^

Floor 3 ^

Comparing floor 2 to the photo I posted of St Nicholas earlier, you can see the second floor taking shape!

White is the floor, the gray is what is the bottom right corner stump that has been poured since 2014 and the circular area that is gray will be hollow, obviously.


Very interesting, Thomas. :slight_smile:


I put the edits of the floorplan on my original post, here is a gif of all 3 floors


Very nice, Thomas! :smiley:


This park is about to be opened soon! I hope!


I heard it’s opening this Summer, from


Nice. Hope it’s early summer.


I’d say late August or early September


Concrete pouring!!!


Hooray! That’s a good sign for this church! :smiley:


The 1st floor walls are done and the 2nd floor is drying. Plus one the top right corner, forms are starting to go up for the 2nd floor walls!



Very good process!
And very good pictures!



Hey, everyone!
Check this news! :smiley:

I think it would be nice to have it (in a good spot somewhere) in the Memorial site, if not in the Liberty Park.
What do you all think?


Good news! I’d say put it in the memorial, putting it on Liberty Park kind of doesn’t mean anything


Unlike the Memorial, Liberty Park has a specific spot to support a 22-ton structure. There is no way the Sphere will sit on top of PATH hall’s roof.