NEW YORK | Liberty Park (WTC)


I have a feeling the Sphere is coming tonight. There’s a crane on site as per earth cam. They were working on he platform this morning. Lots of activity going on behind the fence right now. Hmm…

It definitely has to be happening tonight…

Edit Again

Sphere installation about to begin!!!

Welcome home, Sphere.


And you were right, StrongIsland! Feast your eyes, everyone! :smiley:


Nice Dragon!! Wonderign where the huge chunk of the top is though? Seems to me they missed a piece…?!


About that chunk, maybe they’ll put the pieces altogether when the Sphere is in place.
Let’s remember that it’s easier carrying a huge sculpture in pieces than the whole sculpture.


Welp they are working on the Sphere again tonight. Hopefully the top piece is installed!






Koenig Sphere revealed at WTC Liberty Park.

From EarthCam.


When will they start cladding the church?


Sometime before the end of this year


The church is opening November 2018


It’s actually insane how long its taking to build this damn church. It was unnecessary for them to commission Calatrava to design this knowing very well everything of his takes 1000 years to complete. The church got greedy with this vanity project.



photocred: @wtc on Instagram


Just in time for my 20th Birthday! If only it were opening Nov. 2019… Then I’d go down for the opening and have a drink later because I’m 21. Not religious or anything, but just excited to see something being completed at this site


Took these today on the way to visiting my friend in Battery Park City. The cloudy skies made for some cool effects on the towers.

The Sphere by Koenig returns to the WTC 1
by Brian Aronson, on Flickr

The Sphere by Koenig returns to the WTC 2
by Brian Aronson, on Flickr


Is that window washers on one world trade that I’m seeing?


Yeah, it definitely looks like it. Ive been wondering what will happen first: a fully clean One WTC, or 2 WTC rising from the ground.


nah, sadly looks like a camera flare :wink:


Great photos on here!


I don’t know if anyone mentioned it yet, but they opened up additional stairwells some time in the past few months. It’s much easier to get up to Liberty Park now.