NEW YORK | Liberty Park (WTC)


So far, so good :slight_smile:


It looks like they’re getting ready for the marble to rise! You can see they installed metal on the metal walls that could hold a frame for the marble


I see what you’re talking about. Good eye. It would be nice to see such a big step towards completion on this project.


Just wait till Easter 2018!


So I’m hearing this spot being prepared in the planter (top left closest to Liberty St. bridge) is where the Sphere is going rather than next to the church…hmmm…


Awesome news!!


I hope that is in fact the case! It would like much better in the planter surrounded by flowers rather than just plopped on the pavement next to the church.


Concrete being poured where the sphere is supposedly going. I’m guessing they are going to build it a little platform to sit on. I kind of wish they built a fountain around it again (at least a small one) but this will do. Can’t wait to see it come home…or almost home anyway. Closest to home its going to get…at least its technically part of the Trade Center lol.

EDIT: I can now confirm this is in fact the pedestal they are pouring for the sphere to return before 9/11 fingers crossed! According to several workers this layer will be set by the weekend. The PA is mulling over the idea of placing a gas line before placing the final layers of concrete for the eternal flame to continue on as well. A decision they need to make in the next coming days. Though I’m hearing it may not happen due to the VSC being right below this.


Say hello to the Spheres new home. The pedestal is scheduled to be complete in August according to a worker on site…


Just walked past it yesterday in Battery Park.


Gents…this is it! The Sphere is currently being polished to prepare for its big move! Hearing they now hope to have it returning home on Wednesday or Thursday!

The pedestal will be completed around the sphere they say…


Dis-assembly of the Sphere has commenced today. It is coming apart in 5 pieces, with the first piece coming over to the Trade Center TONIGHT. It will be assembled and unveiled over the next several weeks…ahead of the 16th anniversary.


Thanks for keeping us updated! Will be watching the stream later

A new Earthcam feature on the St. Nicholas National Shrine website! Under the live feed


You got it! Sadly nothing came last night like it was supposed to. Wondering if weather had anything to do with it…but its coming!


Like Star Wars The Last Jedi, highly anticipated!!


The Sphere has been dis-assembled and is gone from Battery Park. Unfortunately…the new spot is clearly still not ready for the sphere so they have placed in into storage until they finish the new pedestal and surrounding garden. Stay tuned…


Hi, I just read it your post wow…I can’t believe it that sphere not moving to Liberty park?I feel that why not sphere moving to WTC footprint memorial more easy because Liberty park I see upper level too high with planters and church so it not look like right site so sphere for me right place at WTC memorial site you know.


No, it’s going on Liberty Park, it’s just not there yet because the pedestal isn’t done. And it would be more reasonable to move it near the footprints, but I don’t think they could disassemble any part of the memorial ground for it to be placed there


FYI this is the Sphere under this tarp currently in several pieces. Waiting to move to Liberty Park in the coming weeks before the anniversary.