NEW YORK | Liberty Park (WTC)




Looking good!


So, if anyone understands steel construction, we know the steel goes up first. Then the fireproofing. So what’s next? Cladding. They are fireproofing the building right now, which is why those white tarps are on the building. So, I think we will see marble by spring!




DSC_4265_resize by brucemir, on Flickr
Marble on site


Whoa! Would you all look at that?
Very nice!


Now that we have marble on site, hopefully the cladding will commence soon!
Thomas! When do you think that the church will be done?


Exactly a year from now, Easter 2018


Wow, seriously? Whats with the exact deadline?


Religious matters I believe


Nice find, Thomas! Interesting angle we rarely see. I’m so looking forward to this finishing up. (Though I’m not sure how a structure this small needs another entire year to complete). I’m mostly looking forward to the Sphere’s arrival (though that should be on the damn memorial plaza).


Man, that would be cool! Especially if it were to be moved to the location it was before 9/11. It would fit with the twin tower footprints



What happened to 125 Greenwich?


Nothing’s happening yet.


Shoot! It will look nice in that first pic you posted!!


They need air rights approved, what I’ve been told by a security guard at the site back in August


Awesome photos! You should have gone on the park on the south side to see the marble