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Yesterday, a portion of the fencing lining the south side of the memorial plaza was relocated halfway on Liberty Street to cover up the zone directly north of the church. Tonight, all the rest of the fencing was removed making the memorial plaza fenceless. The only fence that remains on Liberty St still is the previosuly mentioned section in front of the church.


Thanks for the news! Does this mean the VSC is open?


The VSC has been operational and open for tenant and tour bus needs for a while now. The only portion that’s not operational is access to 1 WTCs loading docks as the VSC connection has not yet been built under what will be the PAC.


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From the Saint Nicholas National Shrine at the World Trade Center Facebook page: 2017 begins with the scaffolding being removed from the inner dome, revealing a fuller picture of what will be once we Rebuild St Nicholas


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Great shots! It’s nice to see the fencing along Liberty finally down. Such a waste and shame it wont be open to regular traffic!


From @WTCProgress on Twitter: Fisheye View Of The World Trade Center St. Nicholas Church Dome



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Fire proofing?


I am getting emotional just looking at this church and knowing the history of the site. So beautiful.


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In NY, the appropriate word is verklempt! Don’t you know former New Yorker and current Boca Ratonian, Linda Richman?