NEW YORK | Liberty Park (WTC)


And marble!




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They have finally began outlining the lanes on Liberty street if you check out earthcam. Seems they will be completing or mostly completing the street any day now…



I am so glad the members got their church back!



Just to let you guys know if you go there


The circular part of St. Nicholas has about 3,300 sqft


Nov 18


From the St. Nicholas National Shrine at the World Trade Center page on Facebook: **Archbishop Demetrios of America, along with members of Saint Nicholas Church construction team, offered prayers for the continued construction process today at Saint Nicholas. A temporary cross was lifted into place and once construction is complete on the dome, will be replaced with a permanent cross that will adorn the top of the Church as a welcome for all people.

The “topping out ceremony” marks an important milestone in the rebuilding efforts of Saint Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church and National Shrine. The original Saint Nicholas Church was completely destroyed in the collapse of World Trade Center Tower Two during the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks.**


Nov 28


You missed the big event!


What happened there today?


The cross was lifted, look at my last post





From @StNicholasWTC on Twitter ,“On Tuesday, Archbishop Demetrios will officiate at a prayer service for the feastday of Saint Nicholas at 3:00 pm at the site of the church!”




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