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Elevated Park Planned for World Trade Center

26 NOV 2013
by Karissa Rosenfield

Early Schematic Rendering of St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church and Liberty Park. Image Courtesy of Tribeca Citizen

The World Trade Center’s “best-kept secret” has been revealed. As reported by the New York Times, the Port Authority released details on what will be “Liberty Park,” an acre-sized, elevated park lifted 25 feet above Liberty Street on the WTC site. Planned for completion in 2015, the $50 million landscaped terrace will connect the financial district with Battery Park City, while providing a panoramic view of the National September 11 Memorial and serving as a forecourt for the new St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church. More information on Liberty Park can be found here.


This will be Shvotastic!


June 25 2014



July 25 2014
WTC Progress


Mirel Miron




My new WTC site rendering edit:


Great progress today, a concrete pour at the Transportation Hub’s plaza, the white blockades fore where windows were going to be are gone on the 6th floor, and St. Nicholas is in its first steps of rising with 2 circular pieces of metal going on the west side of the churches foundation!


From Earthcam


Progress from September 2015 to April 2016


‘So far so good’ I’d say! :smiley:


From the Saint Nicholas National Shrine at the World Trade Center on Facebook


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From the One World Trade Center biography book by Judith Dupré


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