NEW YORK | Lenox Hill Hospital Expansion | 516 FT + ? FT | ? + 41 FLOORS


sounds like two new towers, one for the hospital, and a new residential tower to help fund the project. The residential tower will be 41 floors, the hospital tower will be 516ft.

To help finance the multi-billion-dollar project, hospital planners are looking at incorporating a new residential building – a strategy that has served as a lifeline for many cherished New York not-for-profit health, educational, religious and cultural institutions.

The planned renovation includes a 516 foot hospital room tower, new physician practice offices, and the potential demolition of three townhouses on the north side of 77th to create one new building.

Northwell Health will need to receive city and community approval for the project. City Council member Keith Powers, who represents the area, told the Journal that public consultation would be essential.