NEW YORK | LaGuardia Airport Renovation


The price quoted for this tunnel is fantasy and its capacity for one hour is the equivalent of a single NY subway train.


The price might be fantasy. So what? Elon is risking his own money, so that’s his problem. He’s risking it to try a new idea, which I think is great.

Yes, the capacity is low. That’s what this type of project calls for. It’s not trying to be a subway. It’s not replacing a subway. There is already a subway from the loop to the airport. This is for business travelers that prefer a faster, more frequent option and are willing to pay for it.




This will be beautiful.


New album up from July:

More pics here:


Here’s the 2nd pic larger:


So good to see. Too bad LGA can’t get better runways.


I think that is the main problem with LGA, the runways. LGA needs increased capacity and while having modern spacious terminals is nice, there will still be delays because the runways are short and the layout and taxiways are limiting traffic flow. The airfield needs expansion.


To the PA’s credit, the main point of the rebuilding is to expand the taxiways.


Whats the timeline on this? Awesome designs!


Lots of activity making LaGuardia better!



11 of the 18 gates open in the new Terminal B this weekend.

This took me by surprise.

Delta is still working on Terminal C.


Some pics from all over Twitter. I must say, our Twitter embedder is way cool on this website. First time using it. I’m pretty happy with how this is turning out so far.


I’m amazed at how quickly this is coming together. It looks spacious and beautiful.


When there’s a will.


It looks great.

Keep this airport in context when you evaluate the space. Remember, this is really only a domestic and regional airport located on a postage stamp. The grandeur it can have is pretty limited.