NEW YORK | LaGuardia Airport Renovation


Some nice photos here:


Nice shot, Brome.

This is going to be beautiful.


Thanks but I didn’t take it.

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Anyway, there is an account on Flickr that posts good LGA constructions updates.


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LaGuardia Central Terminal B


So Open House New York held an event where the architects of LGA (HOK Architects) explained the process of designing the new airport. Interesting tidbits were mentioned such as the opening of part of the new garage by the end of the year. The construction timeline they announced seems to be on track. The hotel portion is not yet approved and is still in development. Terminal C is being developed separately by Delta Airlines but I believe they are using HOK’s design guidelines. The image below is a view taken from the tarmac looking at the bridges connecting Terminal B to its two arrival/departure gates. They put up a lot of renderings in the presentation but I was too caught up looking at them I didn’t get to snap any photos lol. It’s going to look very sleek and modern.

This image shows from left to right: Main Terminal B, the view from the entrance coming off Grand Central Pkwy (You can see the proposed hotel) and the last is the bridges of Terminal B again.


Yeah I think the airport itself will be nice. I don’t agree with the airtrain solution though.


Found the original images and more

More images here


It looks so sleek and timeless compared to what they’re proposing for Newark Terminal One:

Like what even is this?

It’s so crowded

A bit nicer on the outside though:


I’m really excited for this! It’s about time that our global city updates its infrastructure.

There need to be trains with overhead storage space linking the airports to Grand Central and Penn.


Slow down Josh - you are asking for waaaay too much. You know LaGuardia has only been an airport since 1939. You can’t possibly expect the city to provide one-seat rail service in a mere 81 years time!


I know… What a ridiculous request. Smh


This article about Chicago shows how half-assed New York is.


Please come to NYC Elon!!!
We need someone with vision, ambition and an actual will to do things to come here hahahha


The crazy thing is that Musk wants to do projects here. NY’s bureaucracy makes everything impossible.


You realize that Musk project is fantasy, right? Will never happen. No point in wasting time with silly scenarios.


How is it fantasy. It was selected over several bidders, including bidders from London.


I disagree. I’m a huge geek for trains and subways, but I think there is opportunity for innovation in public transport. New battery tech and self-driving tech certainly can play some role in the the future of transit.

Is Elon often extremely ambitious and optimistic? Sure. Can a fleet of a self-driving pods replace a NYC subway line? No.

But I’m anxious to see this kind of tech experimented with, so we can see just what it can and can’t do. This is a relatively good idea as a pilot project, especially since it’s not at taxpayer expense. An airport shuttle line is actually a good candidate for this type of tech. (Certainly much better than replacing a subway line or “solving” LA traffic! :rofl: )



I’m sorry for being rude but it’s this kind of mentality that doesn’t push humans forwards. SpaceX was a fantasy, Tesla was a fantasy but guess what he is making both work. Sure he is over ambitious but it is only with over ambitiousness, with taking risks and doing what other people think is impossible that the world really goes forwards.
People telling you that your visions are “fantasy” and “silly scenarios” is the destiny of the visionary.
I am so glad that there is a billionaire out there that doesn’t just sit on his money but that actually takes risks. without risks no rewards!!!