NEW YORK l Hudson Commons (441 9th Ave) l 419 FT | 25 FLOORS



This morning




Midtown West Construction by Rick Sands, on Flickr




all of this office space being built up in this neighborhood and some people wonder why its taking forever to fill up the WTC.






there’s glass on this now (on the new addition) and it looks nice and sleek!


Pics by me. Taken yesterday.

20181116_113042 by Christopher Estevez, on Flickr

20181116_113302 by Christopher Estevez, on Flickr




It’s a shame that they didn’t reskin the lower portion to match the top. The top looks great!


the lower part was also renovated and might host retail. I like the contrast between mid century and ultra modernism.


This could be good. The contrast might work when all is said and done. And the window fenestration and varied shape of the top are good. Better for me than the other big addition on top on 8th Avenue in the 50s where the contrast is so stark it’s jarring.


Which building is getting an addition, Chused? Eight Ave between 40th St and Columbus Circle is disgusting.

I’m amazed that Cravath keeps its HQ in this heinous ghetto.

P.S.: I just Googled Cravath lease and was elated to see that they might move! While I’d love to see them anchor 2 WTC, it would be great if they anchored a new tower on Park.


Not a new one. I’m thinking of the Hearst Tower at 57th and Eighth Avenue. Many people really like it but it doesn’t work for me.


Gross. I always forget how awful Eighth is. The Port Authority looks like it might rust through and collapse any day now.


Oh. I love Hearst.


The P.A. Is the least of 8th’s problems. Anyway, it is horrible and insufficient.

We’ve wasted trillions in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria and have gained nothing.

We’ve given billions to terrorist regimes in Israel which commit racist, genocidal war crimes against Palestinians, and yet we have no money for infrastructure, like a sorely-needed new PA and Penn, among many other acute infrastructure needs.