NEW YORK l Hudson Commons (441 9th Ave) l 419 FT | 25 FLOORS


Demo starting.

Looks like this is similar to 390 Madison or 425 Park with the conversion and additional height. Hopefully the redesign will be as great as those 2.

NEW YORK | 441 Ninth Avenue (Renovation/Addition) | FT | 25 FLOORS


Can you post an image of the new design?


I dont think there is one yet?




Great news, but the crap on the south block needs to go ASAP.


another nice addition to the up and coming, overarching Hudson Yards neighborhood.

Rentable square footage will balloon to 700,000 square feet, and 17 stories will be added atop the existing eight-story building, which will be gutted and redesigned.
Work will start in January 2018, with the project ready for tenants by summer of 2019. Cove is expecting to start leasing for the building’s lower eight stories before the end of 2018.

I loved the clash of 21st century modernism atop mid-20th century modernism


The addition on top looks pretty good.

We already have a thread for this

441 9th ave.

Ill ask mods to merge them.


strange that I couldn’t find it.





How did they even get the crane/truck on the roof in the first place?


Yesterday. The addition on top is starting to rise now.




Great shots and updates Tec!


Thanks. Damaged equipment lol.


From 10th ave today




Great shot, Tec! Unique angle/vantage point too.



Yesterday. Steel being added to the core now.