NEW YORK l 111 Leroy Street l 100 FT l 10 FLOORS


This project is associated with 627 Greenwich on the other side of the block but that was a warehouse conversion and this project is a new building where a parking lot used to be. Scaled down from 12 floors to 10 floors. Not sure if they have the permits to start building yet but the lot has been cleared, the small commercial building next door on Leroy has been razed and there is equipment on site to start caison drilling soon it seems.

One block west there is also an empy lot which I think was supposed to be 5 townhomes also associated with this building/developer? Nothing going on here though.




Finally! This site is so close to 160 Leroy and this area is going to boom. Doesn’t look like a bad design.




Looks like they have dug down a bit.




There is a new render on the site of the townhouses.


That looks great!

This stretch of Greenwich needs TLC.


They have dug down more for the townhouse section of this project.


Nice shots, jc!!



Credit:Property Markets Group


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