NEW YORK | Kosciuszko Bridge Replacement


This is What the Kosciuszko Bridge Could Look Like

By Serena Dai on July 10, 2014 2:10pm

Photo credit: NYSDOT

GREENPOINT — Brooklyn residents near the Kosciuszko Bridge said designs for the new, $770 million project looked “beautiful,” but concerns about how construction would play over the next five years dominated a community meeting Wednesday.

The state Department of Transportation awarded a $555 million contract for the first phase — the largest contract in the state’s history — to build a new Kosciuszko Bridge between Brooklyn and Queens over Newtown Creek.

The current bridge is unsafe and structurally unsound for the long term, DOT representative Robert Adams said at the meeting.

But with a new bridge in the works, locals said they are worried that officials will abandon the old one, which will continue to be used until its planned demolition in 2017.


Photo credit: NYSDOT

Photo credit: NYSDOT


This generic contemporary bridge design is dull and VERY ORDINARY.


1/21. Sorry for the low quality image. Best I could do with the iphone.









I’ll move this to complete section.

Came out fantastic. Drove on it today.

Can’t wait for another bridge, the Goethals to finish up.


Nope. Not complete. The old bridge will be coming down. And then there is a second span yet to be built.


The Tappan Zee Bridge upriver will hopefully open sometime within a year from now.


True. Good catch. :blush:


Oops. I’m wrong. It’s the Goethals that will have two spans. This one is done. Sorry.


This bridge will have a second identical span right next to this one.



oh, that’s later :stuck_out_tongue:


Older bridge is being taken apart.

Credit: @SkanskaUSA