NEW YORK I Wall Street Tower (130 William St) I 800 FT I 61 FLOORS


I’m tired of people who aren’t from here designing new towers with a “nod to NY’s history.” More often than not, they suck, and this is a case in point. No one designs towers in London with a nod to that city’s history.

This tower is mediocre at best, but hugely disappointing.


Walpole I can’t see how you like BIG’s 2WTC and hate this. Opinion respected, you know they say about them :joy:.


It looks like the sales gallery will be a couple of blocks away, on Beekman.


Facade looks interesting.



I’m with tectonic on this one - It has the potential to me mindblowingly cool, but also a chance it looks nothing like the renders and ends up looking like 800 ft of ass


I’d like it more white than grey. If it’s all dull and grey it’ll basically be a giant block of colon cancer that eludes more to grey 70s boxes than old buildings. It looks like a grey bees nest.


I really appreciate that they’re trying to do something truly different with the façade. I’m just not sure I find the result aesthetically pleasing. I doubt it will be popular with locals.


The facade looks like dead diseased tissue. 800 ft of that… and I thought his building in Harlem was bad.


Oh jesus christ. If it looks like that I regret calling it cancer. We have to engineer an entirely new deadly disease for this and it to be on par.


I think we should wait to see the cladding when it’s going up. The shape of the building and the windows plus the materials used is of a much higher caliber than the Sugar Hill complex Building above. It’s completely different from this one. The only similarity is the dark color. It won’t be as stumpy either so it won’t have that monolithic identity.

Reminds me of the Palazzo Della Civilta in Rome. But waaay taller.


The Sugar Hill project isn’t so bad in person. Used to think it was ugly as well. Think this will still be better that William Beaver (15 William).


It’s a simplistic design so materials matter even more. Palazzo Della Civitta is made of luminous marble and limestone. Imagine it in dark, pockmarked concrete. It’d be a much better representation of fascism, though.

The Harlem building is unforgivable. It’s in such a prominent spot between two parks, on a major cross street, in a mostly prewar neighborhood that’s turning around. It’s a piece of broken asphalt in Sugar Hill.


This is rising faster now.




I just got an ad for this tower, lol. I don’t see them marketing it as Wall Street Tower, just 130 William.
Browse these forums enough and the ads think you’re in the market for a condo I guess.


The ads also seem to think that I am the long lost heir to my supposed real uncle who lives in Tanzania. Has a big fortune and inheritance to give me. Always getting those emails! :moneybag:


This site has a new configuration this week. They’ve built a thin, strong bridge over the William St sidewalk, along with some ramps on the street, so concrete trucks can drive over the sidewalk. Thanks to that, and a huge new gate, two concrete trucks can now be parked in the future courtyard. I assume this allows them to have one truck unload into the concrete pump while the other is being switched out, for truly continuous concrete pumping during working hours.