NEW YORK I Wall Street Tower (130 William St) I 800 FT I 61 FLOORS




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Adjaye Associates’ loggia-wrapped Manhattan condo tower starts to rise

At 66 stories and 755 feet tall, the building will be a substantial addition to the downtown skyline. However, unlike most recent towers built in this current boom, 130 William will eschew a glass curtain wall for a custom-tinted precast concrete accented with bronze. The texturally rich surface will be punctuated by arches and loggias on the upper floors, which will blur the divide between interior and exterior spaces for their inhabitants. The cutouts in the upper half of the building’s façade invert the traditional window shape commonly found among historic buildings in the neighborhood (as well as on the tower’s lower half).


They have prepped the top of the corner building to protect it once WST rises above it.


I stumbled across some 3D prints of this building in a random window, and it revealed some things not clear from the renders released so far.

First, the floor plates are not rectangular. The building will be L-shaped. The renders don’t show the west side… because the west side won’t be flat. Going way back to that ridiculous napkin scribble they put as the “render” on the on-site signage, you can kind of see it. My concern is that the core seems to abut the inner corner. I sincerely hope there won’t be a blank wall of some kind there. Fingers crossed.

Also, the tower is not located in the corner of the lot; it’s closer to Fulton St. There will be some space and private terraces between 130 William and its neighbor 110 Willam. That’s becoming clear from the current construction as well.




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where is this window? Would love to see it in person :slight_smile: thanks


Sure, it’s Wall Street Plaza at 88 Pine St. Around back (so on Front St).


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130 William Street by NyConstructionPhoto, on Flickr


Rainy day at 130 William last Thursday. These pics were shot from Fulton St. It’s clearly visible now the tower will be aligned with Fulton.


And this is from today - Friday 18th May. There will be a nice plaza at William St.


Here’s a stunning view from the top…

(Facing basically northward, Fulton street at the upper part, William on the left side.)





NY Times has interviewed David Adjaye: