NEW YORK I Wall Street Tower (130 William St) I 800 FT I 61 FLOORS


Why? There’s certainly a ton of it going up in that neighborhood. There’s a growing number of good restaurants and fantastic transit.


I agree. I loved living downtown, and it’s become way better since I left.


Did find it an odd location but William St needs help lol. This is the anti William Beaver hopefully. lol


They’re terrible. The ones on Church as well.


It gets better as you go west towards Broad st. with the art deco architecture
and lack of “commercial” streets

But 130 William is Fulton adjacent which is not the classiest of streets. I’ll give you an example: there are two (2!!) of those “lot less” or “99c stores” within a one block radius. And just across the street from the Wall street tower, on the other side of Fulton, there’s a pretty ghastly 60’s tower in the park public housing.


yeah I’m in one of these,
so sad because we left the Hudson Yards area; same block as the One Manhattan West development…in 3 years that will be the new Rockefeller center



That sucks. I hope that those 60s buildings on William St come down.


Busy today. Crane is fully up and working.


Nice shots, JC



Awesome tower. Downtown just keeps on rocking.


Hi, Lion.

How are you, amigo?


I am fantastic, good sir! I’ve been keeping track of The City- just haven’t posted much. How are you?


I’m ok, thanks!

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There’s rebar sticking up, but I’m surprised there are still excavators and piles of dirt on site.



Nice shot, Brome


No more dirt can be seen there after 2 more weeks. Nice progress!


Will soon make its mark on the skyline!



it should be a good counterbalance to the glass monolith that is 118 Fulton