NEW YORK I Wall Street Tower (130 William St) I 800 FT I 61 FLOORS


Don’t know if too puke or to pray they change the design


as expected, a higher resolution rendering has revealed some better details. I love the Romanesque facade. This is one of the few styles I think could benefit from some greenery throughout the tower, other than that i’m looking forward to it.


Yeah, but I’m sick of boxes


In NYC I don’t think we will see anything but boxes or boxes with various tricks because of the cost.



Like it so far.


Gives me a vibe of a heavenly building


I think this building sucks.

It really bites than the stunning ODA building on Maiden is stalled, and this crap is cruising along.


Not gonna lie I like this more than 50 Hudson Yards



Both towers bite wang!!



Is that a joke?! I have never seen an on site rendering like that before.


Please tell me that isn’t the real site render LOL


That same sign is now posted on both William and Fulton. The only actual permits posted are still just for test pilings, though.




  1. it says Owner as 130 William street Associates LLC, I do not see Lightstone mentioned.

  2. They seem to be serious with the demolition, I feel they have adequate funds as more than 50-75 % has been financed rest via the EB-5 funds. ( funds mainly coming from China)

  3. they claim it to be a luxury tower with amenities ( including a basket ball court ) etc. I wonder what would be the sq / ft rate for this property. Any ideas?? Any rough estimate or range per sq/ft ??


Progress with the cladding on the building next door: