NEW YORK I Wall Street Tower (130 William St) I 800 FT I 61 FLOORS



This is going to be amazing!


This is one of the most beautiful High Rise building designs currently going up in Manhattan: particularly the artfully detailed and robust looking facade. There is also a less obvious feature that adds a lot of value; the apartments have a solid stone wall that separates the interior from the world outside - as opposed to a thin sheet of glass, floor to ceiling, wall to wall.

Nice, Nice, Nice… all around.


I don’t know why I didn’t like this tower. This is great.





Do yourself a favor and read the comments on that YIMBY link :joy:


I get used to comments that attack the development, but that’s been overtaken by a new demon.


great example of what a decent facade does to an otherwise boring box


I think this tower had the potential to be a nightmare if the precast facade panels didn’t deliver. Then you’d have this huge building draped in an unconventional color and texture and it’d be like another 15 william beaver house eyesore… THANKFULLY, this building’s skin is delivering and it’s shaping up to be unique in a good way. The shape of the windows is also something unconventional for high rise in nyc and it’s turning out great too.









This one has a great sense of presence. A massiveness with the look and weight of some volcanic stone.

I could see this one being among my top 3 downtown favorites from the past 15 years (others being NY by Gehry and 56 Leonard).


Ah, so now we see how they’re treating the blank core wall, just regular facade and window panels.


These were waiting on water street.