NEW YORK I Wall Street Tower (130 William St) I 800 FT I 61 FLOORS


Source: Field Condition




I don’t think there’s a discussion forum for this but the dilapidated Battery Maritime Building is being turned into a restaurant and hotel.


Can we do something about New York Plaza while we’re at it? :joy:






Can’t get enough of this tower!



Unfortunately you can’t see it in this image of the scale model by radii, but the building’s amenities will include a driving range simulator among many others. Despite having loads of high-end amenities, the developer Lightstone is claiming that the common charges will be much, much lower at 130 William than the common charges at any comparable building, completed or under construction. The common charges they’re marketing are so low it seems too good to be true. Could underreporting common charges be a potential liability for the developer if they end up being significantly higher?


This is rising quickly


It was rising quickly. Has it slowed down in the last month or so?


Ho Ho Ho

From last week




As others have said this looks great in person



I ran across a little staging area for the façade panels all the way up in SoHo. Here you can see trucks parked with panels for both 130 Williams and 25 Park Row.


From Brooklyn Bridge, despite having visited NYC many times, I’d never actually crossed it before. It was nice but so bloody crowded despite the cold. Sorry for shitty quality, don’t even know if I should bother posting while I’m here since the quality is so bad but oh well.


They’re actually good shots. I do know that cell phone pics aren’t so great in quality, but at least you’ve captured the progress of the tower. That’s what’s important