NEW YORK I Wall Street Tower (130 William St) I 800 FT I 61 FLOORS


It looks like popcorn ceiling made into a facade. Looks cheap and dated.


Bravo David Adjaye! Three panels and it’s already gorgeous. I’m so excited to see how this progresses. I can’t wait to see how the gold tones of the balcony interiors play off the dark facade.


Not sure what to make of this building. I hope in the end I like it. At 800 ft it’ll be quite noticeable on the downtown skyline.


I’d personally prefer white or a lighter color, but the facade is starting to grow on me.


I’m still nervous, but I am slightly less skeptical than before.
Lets hope this is good


In person, it looks a little better than I was expecting. I think the contrasting textures — including the glass — help a lot.



So far so good! It’ll be great seeing the shape of the windows change as it gets taller. Definitely something new for NY


It’s different in a good way. I think it will turn out better than 15 William.


Imagine instead of bright yellow for 15 william (beaver house), they used copper in those places. That green patina would look cool. Anyway, this tower is the most interesting thing going up in the city right now, nothing like it at this scale.



I dig it!

Wayyy better than 90% of what’s built today.


That north façade is making quick progress.


looking great so far.


Credit: FC


Looks good.


I love it already. :heart_eyes:




I like this tower much more than before