NEW YORK I Wall Street Tower (130 William St) I 800 FT I 61 FLOORS




This is going up FAST




the arched windows will probably make for a cool backdrop to the towers of The Brooklyn Bridge. The reverse angle already has me scheming.



I love it!


I’m digging all the black showing up in designs these days. I think black brick looks great!


The brick PoS on the corner should come down.


The model of the building seems off, not least because the exterior color is not true to form. The model doesn’t mesh with the renderings. The developer should have hired a firm like radii inc instead of whoever made this.


I’m still on the fence with this one. I’ll have to see the finished product. I’m worried the facade won’t pull off the intended look in reality and we’ll just have a shorter version of one manhattan square. Trust me, I hope I eat those words but I’m waiting to see.


At least from that model- it shows almost full cladding on the north section of the western wall. Construction shows this as a blank concrete wall so far. It will be great to have actual cladding here.

I think it will turn out great overall.


Speaking of…


This wins the award for most original facade. Just my opinion…


The conceptual design is definitely high on that list. I hope the finished product works. It’s impressive just how much interest there’s been from potential buyers. A number of “celebrities” attended the opening of the sales office. You have to wonder if that was a publicity stunt or if it reflected genuine interest. The Riverhouse building in BPC has residents like Leonardo DiCaprio and Oliver Stone. A building as unique as 130 William may have the potential to attract some household names, not least because millennials have flocked to the FInancial District at the third highest rate of any neighborhood in the U.S. according to Census data.


I imagine that the balconies are a big selling point. Having your own balcony overlooking the Brooklyn Bridge or Statue of Liberty would be pretty sweet.


The parti of the building also reflects something from architecture 101 - frame a view, don’t merely exhibit it. A wall of windows might seem the best treatment for most architects today, but carefully shaped views usually deliver richer architectural experiences.





This looks awesome.