NEW YORK I Wall Street Tower (130 William St) I 800 FT I 61 FLOORS




I’m guessing those balconies in the first pic were an ugly afterthought/addition to that building in the foreground?


I’m not sure, but I think they’re fire-code-related.


Starting to show:



It is the crane next to 111 Murray, correct? I’m assuming the rising structure that’s gonna hide 7WTC there is the new Park Row tower.


No, but good catch, that’s 45 Park Place.

Wall street tower is the one growing at the bottom center of the photo, Just in front of 3WTC


You mean that little one adjacent the beige structure by the Seaport…Warmer?


This is gonna become very prominent


Thank you.

Can anyone please tell me what addy that horrid all-white building has and if they have plans for it in any respect…like a controlled demolition?

It’s an outright blight.


It’s a shame Sir David Adjaye has moved away from a limestone facade to this god-awful black lava-like stone crap. The theme of the arch, which will supposedly suffuse not just the exterior but the interior decoration as well, is a unique and elegant way to pay homage to the past while also deftly applying a rule of thumb from architecture 101 - frame a view instead of merely exhibiting it. Richer architectural experiences are usually found in views that are carefully shaped, sized, and placed. However, this lava crap they’re planning on coating the exterior with will apparently accomplish nothing other than making the building look darker and casting deeper shadows. I hope common sense will kick in at some point before it’s too late.


Are you referring to 123 William St? I used to work in that building from 2005-2008. Anyway, it is currently used by a mix of assorted private companies and also a bunch of city and state govt agencies. I’m afraid it’s not going anywhere soon.


Thanks. It just looks dated/crappy on the outside and the City should schedule at least a power-cleaning job.




This shot should already be more interesting





Nice shots.