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Hunters Point South’s Towers Are Looking Good and Glassy

Tuesday, May 20, 2014, by Jessica Dailey

Construction-watching pro Field Condition stopped by Hunters Point South again, and snapped some great photos of the two towers, which have reached their full height. With the $13 million window problem in the past, the facades of the two buildings are going in fairly quickly. The curtain wall of the 37-story Building A, at 1-50 50th Avenue, is up to the sixth floor, and the 32-story building B, at 1-55 Borden Avenue, is getting its insulation. The windows have a blue and green tints, so hopefully the finished product doesn’t look as garish as that new blue building across the river. Together, the SHoP-designed, Related-developed buildings will hold 925 apartments, which will all be affordable to a range of incomes. The complex’s waterfront park and 1,100-seat public school opened last year.

[View of the towers and the school from inside the park]

Late last year, the city chose TF Cornerstone to develop the second phase of Hunters Point South, which will be built to the south of these towers. It will be even larger, with 1,193 apartments, 796 of which will be affordable to moderate- and middle-income families. The two towers, designed by ODA, will be connected by a podium that will have commercial space with preliminary plans for a pre-kindergarten, a medical facility, a rock climbing gym, and new restaurants.


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Those are some great shots Tectonic. These towers and the others that will follow will rejuvenate the neighborhood. Its the first of many. I’ve been saying this over at SSP for a while now, but NYC is experiencing or in the process of creating a Hong Kong like effect where there are towers all along the river. For one, we have the Gold Coast in Jersey, DoBro waterfront, LIC is in the process, and soon, the South Bronx will experience this. Also, Upper Manhattan along the coast is also in the process of building taller. Soon, it will be wall to wall highrises/skyscrapers covering the span of the East and Hudson river, which from an urban standpoint, will create a Hong Kong like effect, and further elongate the skyline when viewed from JFK or even when landing in Laguardia. Which btw, if anybody is interested in seeing the skyline in its full glory, I would recommend watching a couple of landing videos at Laguardia. Its mesmerizing. :smile:


10 3 2014


The SHoP-designed, Related-Developed apartment towers at Hunters Point South are thisclose to being complete, and the complex is looking pretty much exactly like what the renderings showed when work first started two years ago. Field Condition toured the nearly finished development, which should be opening its doors to renters within the coming months. Nearly 93,000 people applied to live in the 925 affordable apartments, available to low- and moderate-income families with rents starting at $494 for studios and $743 for three-bedrooms.