NEW YORK | Hudson Yards Rezoned District | 43M SF


View from the Empire State Building by Ian Mooney, on Flickr




New To the Forums,
I Will Look for updates and photos about New York’s Supertalls on Instagram, Expecially Hudson Yards
(Being my favourite project in New York for now)
To start, here is an image I found on Instagram


Looks like 15 Hudson is jumping another floor
Another floor is being cladded at 55 Hudson
35 HY looks ready to rise at least 2 floors

Here is a color picture


From Instagram

approx. Progress of HY Towers



Retail pavillion rising



I wonder when work will begin on phase 2 of the development? I believe they said they would begin some time in 2017.


Ya, I would think they would at least be starting on the covering for the tracks. Getting the tracks out of site will increase the desirability of the entire project.


Is this the shopping center or the elevator core for the Vessel?


Shopping Center


Found a gold mine on instagram

All these are from March 30



30 HY should pass 10 HY in the next 2 month or so I think.


Love the pics. It’d be great if you could also put the Insta-handles of the photographers of the pics as well :slight_smile:


Look carefully. You can see all of the HY towers u/c. Lower right.

Credit: Steve Cancel


any news on phase 2? They really need to get those train cars out of the picture. People are not going to be keen on paying millions for a rail yard view.


Last I heard the concrete plans for Phase II are supposed to be released sometime this year.


Photo by Gregg Watson while on circle line cruise. (I did this cruise back in June, amazing shots)





@pjjphoto on instagram

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