NEW YORK | Hudson Yards Rezoned District | 43M SF


A Permanent Plinth for New Art Coming to the High Line




511-517 West 35th & 451 Tenth Ave


I’m amazed that Related sees more demand for office space!


To paraphrase Mugatu from Zoolander: “Hudson Yards is so hot right now!”


There definitely seems like an overabundance in office space coming up.

Hopefully the city will adjust the lot size stipulation and allow them to at least build the residential section first.


We are probably not building enough. There is a lot of aging/outdated office space.This is from 2015:


There is 29 million square feet of office space either under construction or searching for tenants in Manhattan.

Searching for tenants
Two World Trade- 3.1 million square feet
The Spiral- 2.85 million square feet
15 Penn Plaza- 2.050 million square feet
3 Hudson Boulevard- 1.869 million square feet
2 Manhattan West- 1.8 million square feet
Spitzer/Related tower- 950,000 square feet

Tenants secured (enough to get under construction)
50 Hudson Yards- 2.9 million square feet
Three World Trade- 2.86 million square feet
30 Hudson Yards- 2.6 million square feet
1 Manhattan West- 2.2 million square feet
One Vanderbilt- 1.7 million square feet
55 Hudson Yards- 1.55 million square feet
425 Park Avenue- 670,000 square feet

Then there’s about 1 million square feet U/C in Chelsea and a few smaller buildings in SoHo, etc.


Ideally, I think as some of the leases expire for some older, 1960’s to 70’s stock office buildings, that they will flock to newer towers and the existing ones will be converted to condos/rentals.One way to help the residential demand while fueling the office boom.


NY, as a whole, and the HY, in particular, needs some serious street beautification with trees, plantings, etc. Tenth Ave is utterly bleak.

Two of these lanes should be closed and expanded sidewalks with trees should replace them.


Agreed. I really love what they did with West Street down through the Trade Center. All the plants and trees really make a huge difference. We need that throughout the city,


I agree, Strongisland. The landscaping by the WTC is beautiful.


View From The Ohm, NYC by Steven J. Messina, on Flickr


Great photo





02/18/17 4:46PM

02/18/17 4:46PM


Wow. Great shot.

New angle too, never seen it from that part of the river before.


Thanks @JC_Heights ! That’s the view from the end of Pier 66. :slight_smile: