NEW YORK | Hudson Yards Rezoned District | 43M SF


50 HY looks around 1,100’.


Wthey are starting to put glass on east and west sides of the mall.


HY Model Galore!






Nice, but let’s hope that lame box is not what will rise at 50 HY.


I think something closer to the model we saw a few weeks ago is more likely: still boxy, but with a much more slender upper volume, in order to obstruct less of the views from 30 HY.

I honestly don’t mind something fairly boxy here. There already are so many different geometries going on between 10, 15, 30, 35 HY, as well as 3 Hudson Blvd and (less likely) the Spiral. It’s not quite a cacophony but it could become one without a few quiet designs to keep things in balance.

In any case, if 10/30/50 HY are any indication, the cladding will be stellar, which can elevate even the simplest of boxy designs.


I can’t imagine BR moving into such a lame tower, nor can I imagine RelAted building such a mediocre structure since it has built really nice projects thus far.


Agree with my friend, Bob.

I imagine BlackRock will want to have a showstopper!


The model that VG posted looks like this lame design. I don’t think this is what will rise.

Other recent models




From the High Line


Not the Hudson Yards but I thought someone would be interested:


Nice find, I would actually like for this development to happen.




^^ Soon, 10 Hudson Yards would be completely blocked by the taller 15 HY in that pic.


Larger version in PDF


Oh 11th Avenue will be getting trees? It’s so barren.



Nice find, very interactive video


55 is rising so fast now. I never really noticed it from the heights until yesterday. 30 still growing at a steady pace as well.



Great Photo, JC!