NEW YORK | Hudson Yards Rezoned District | 43M SF


What’s the name of the building in the foreground, with the green siding? I passed it by and it looks awesome up close.


I believe it’s “The Warehouse” by Morris Adjmi.






Anybody going to check it out Friday? I’m most excited for the opening of the staircase/vessel ! I remember taking the 7 train to the HY stop when it opened back in Sept of 2015 and thinking, “Well someday there will be stuff here when you get out of the station!” and well, we’ve almost arrived.


I was thinking about this weekend, but might have to hold off due to some events that happened with my family. But I do hope the obs deck opens soon. I’m salivating for it. I might spend a couple of hours up there when it does.


I’m hoping to go this weekend. I tried getting tickets to the Vessel but I think it’s already full. Wouldn’t even let me choose a day and time to reserve a ticket. So I’m sure the area will be bustling with people


I just checked it out. Yeah it looks booked. How much are the tickets normally?

The site isn’t even loading the ticket details.


I was under the impression the vessel would be free. :frowning:


Yeah, it’s free, but you have to reserve a spot to get inside. I’m sure it’s a means for crowd control


Ah I see. Ok makes sense. Yeah I guess its a good thing, so it won’t turn out to be the high line, which is bloody overcrowded. Like to the point where it ruins the experience unless you go early in the a.m. or at night.


Yes, exactly. The Highline is a nightmare, especially on a good day. I feel like I’m being herded like cattle lol. But it’s so great it’s worth it sometimes. What they don’t mention is how long you can stay inside the Vessel. I didn’t see anything about a time limit of sorts


It said you can come at any time in the period or hour of reservation, so if I get it for 10 am, and I come at 10:59 am, I wonder if that would cause issues lol. Yeah I don’t think there is a time limit, unless its after hours in which they would close it. And they would have to hire folks just to stand and verify the times. I doubt it too.

I think key word is “entry” time.


I snagged a ticket to go up next Saturday, the 23rd


Maybe we’ll run into each other. I’m thinking that day as well. :beers:

Lol that would be a good spot for a YIMBY meet. Everyone to the Vessel!



Inside the mall…


Yikes. What a soulless, cramped-looking space. Who wants a mall in NYC, anyway? Gross.


Looks like Time Warner Center on steroids. Finally, a mall built in the US that comes close to its Asian counterparts.