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Housing Preservation Development Commissioner Maria Torres-Springer announced on Tuesday that two development teams had been selected to build 258 units of affordable housing on city-owned sites at 806 Ninth Avenue and 705 10th Avenue, Real Estate Weekly reported. The proposal for the Ninth Avenue site came from the Hudson Companies and Housing Works, a nonprofit dedicated to combating AIDS and homelessness, while the 10th Avenue site will be developed by Douglaston Development and The Actors Fund, a nonprofit that serves performing arts and entertainment workers.

The development at 806 Ninth Avenue will contain approximately 100 units of affordable and supportive housing for very low and low-income households, as well as about 11,000 square feet of retail space including a Housing Works thrift shop.

The development at 705 10th Avenue will contain approximately 160 affordable units, with an arts-oriented community space on the ground floor to be operated by Spaceworks, as well as an adjacent open space that is being developed by the NYC Department of Parks and Recreation.

Both projects will include units set aside for formerly homeless households.


Neither project is in Hudson Yards



Some time next year for phase 2…


To be revealed or to start??


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Is the plaza around the Vessel supposed to open next month along with the rest of the complex?



I only asked this question because it doesn’t seem “ready-to-open” in the next 3 weeks.


This article says the vessel will open next month.



What happened to the renderings of the western yards that used to be on the hudson yards website?

Are there any concrete plans for phase 2 and when will we see them?


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