NEW YORK | Hudson Yards Rezoned District | 43M SF



A little driving tour of the area (HY). Recommend full screen, and change the speed to 2x or 2.0 in the youtube settings.



November 17, 2018

Sorry I got a night shot, I tried to get a daytime shot but it got dark quick. There’s always another chance in the future


Hudson Yards Competition Model by SOM / Brookfield Properties



Has anyone heard anything about phase 2 recently?

I doubt phase 2 will happen any time soon now that a recession is on the horizon.





Does anyone know if the retail pavilion in between 35HY and 15HY has started construction? Just wondering because it’s rarely discussed and I’ve haven’t seen it in any photos recently.




Not much has happened since they built the small core ( which was probably way over a year ago at this point).

I took this pic 2 weeks ago.



I’ve heard very little about the project, so I didn’t know if it had been scrapped or if it was just starting construction.



From Soho.


Very nice.





From today


55 HY looks decent here