NEW YORK | Hudson Yards Rezoned District | 43M SF


Plus 99 Hudson




Last night





Really reveals the size of 30 HY.




Nice shot, JC




this one’s not directly opposite Javits, but apparently its abother Extell property.

also, it seems plans for the west tower of phase 2 have gone mixed use. According to the website however, 2M sf of office space is still planned.



Interesting find about the mixed use west tower. Early renders showed it as roughly the same height as 55 HY, but with added reaidential, I’d expect it to be closer to supertall status.




While 50 and 55 are a bit of a snooze fest, (especially 50), overall the site plan is very effective, and the buildings balance each other out nicely.

I was just looking at London’s skyline and frankly, it’s becoming a complete jumbled mess in my opinion. Every building wants to be “the” building and it’s starting to look a bit comical in my opinion. Don’t get me wrong, the Shard is brilliant and Rogers work is far superior than his HY throwaway, but there’s no cohesiveness and so it just looks a little ridiculous in my opinion (and what on Earth was Vinoly thinking?)

At least HY has a strong site plan, and when the Western Yard is complete I think it’ll look amazing.





Why does it feel like these crowns take so long for these buildings? I guess 55 had some type of material shortage? But 15 seems to be taking forever.