NEW YORK | Hudson Yards Rezoned District | 43M SF



I might get a lot of heat for this but aside from Stark Tower…I mean 30 HY…these towers are turning out just about as bland as the Trade Center is. Both have AMAZING quality materials but such watered down towers.




I hope they bring in Shop to deisgn something in Phase 2


I think they look good. I’m not a fan of the glass at all on a sunny day (when the towers are all bright blue), but I think the complex has turned out very well.
Although I was a huge fan of the corset, 15 HY has turned out beautifully, and 35 is exceeding my wildest expectations. And even though 50 is a box and should be much better for its price tag, I think it’ll look great; 55 is a bit of a clunker, though. They could’ve done much better there. (But as was said, at least the materials are top notch.)
If this complex had one 1500+ tower that focused it I think it would be exceptional. But when Phase II is added I think it’ll look like something worthy of being called the New New York.



According to Architecture Digest and the New Yorker, the phase 2 architects have all been named: Gehry, Calatrava, Stern and Heatherwick. We should get some fascinating mid-to-high-rise architecture from that quartet; here’s hoping it turns out in any way cohesive.

I’d also love to see SHoP contribute to the area; for my money they’re the most consistent firm working in NYC. The McCourt site across from 10 HY was rumored to possibly be a SHoP product. And there’s always the row of potential redevelopment just south of the Yards proper.


Hopefully whatever project Calatrava is involved in isn’t cursed like his projects at the Trade Center.




Zaha architects should be tapped for a building in the Western Yard.


Oh yeah!


Gotham City!


I hear calatrava and I shudder. He might be a good designer but most of his projects end up in disaster sooner or later.


I’m clinging to the hope he’s been hired to design sculptural pieces instead of buildings lol. But HY had plenty of value engineering done on almost all the buildings being built so far. So there’s a chance it’ll be a somewhat subtle design since Phase 2 is mostly residential.



Mr. Gorbachev, tear down those orange safety nets!



From last Sunday:


The banal 50 HY is gonna block out the best angle of 30.