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REW: City issues RFP for Hudson Yards development sites

Respondents to the RFP must submit development plans for both sites, which will be developed into 100 percent affordable housing.

Ninth Avenue site: located at 806 Ninth Avenue, the development site is city-owned land leased to the New York City Transportation Authority (NYCT). The development site size is approximately 21,500 s/f and is currently a parking lot for the adjacent NYCT facility.

Proposals to develop affordable housing must be for a mixed-use building that includes ground floor retail as well as 30,000 s/f of office space and below-grade parking for the NYCT.

Tenth Avenue site: located at 705 Tenth Avenue, the development site is approximately 22,220 square feet. The site is currently vacant and includes a rail cut for the Amtrak Empire Line. Proposals to develop affordable housing on this site must include a public restroom. An open space will be developed by the NYC Parks adjacent to the site.






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