NEW YORK | Hudson Yards Rezoned District | 43M SF


Today from Hoboken


You ‘da man.


from that view, the glass on 30HY looks as invisible as 4WTC haha




Saw this posted on /r/nyc by /u/merg_flerg


EXCELLENT SHOT! :heart_eyes:





56 Leonard is amazing!



The HY is spectacular!


Half a year from now all towers should be topped out


And what about Phase 2? Could it be revealed by then?


Day3_036 by Todd Freestone, on Flickr

Day3_033 by Todd Freestone, on Flickr


Taken from Secaucus today. It really makes an impact.




We are beginning to get a sense of what phase I of Hudson Yards will end up looking like. On the whole I am impressed by the massive size and scope of the project. A new city is being built. But the buildings are not uniformly pleasing, at least to me. 10 and 30, especially, are not only massive but lacking a sense of completeness. Though each has or will have an unusually designed top, they still seem truncated–cut off at the pass so to speak. That is because their footprint is so huge. It is difficult to know what to do with the top of a building that rises from a large base without building straight up boxes or adding spires. Rather than the many facets creating a sense of base, middle, and top, they create expectations of something nifty up high that is not delivered. The other three buildings now well underway (15, 35, and 55) seem much better to me, especially 15. The surfaces of 15 that gradually increase in curvature as they rise create both a sense of style and completeness. 35 and 55 also seem likely to be better than 10 and 30, in part because they alter floor plate sizes in a nice way and allow for understandable tops to emerge. In any case, this is just a first impression. I’ll withhold judgment until they are all complete. Maybe we won’t be able to make a final judgment until phase II is also well along.


10 and 30 are huge, but they are more like brother and sister buildings. I think we will get a sense of their complimentary coexistence when the site is fully open. They basically are joined by the massive retail base that will consist of a mega Neiman Marcus and other shops.


Right. They probably will look better up close when the mall and public plaza open. That view also will be enhanced by The Vessel (which I think I’ll like a lot). But that may not help if you are not right on the site. We are, of course, both guessing a bit!


Yup and 30 HY may take on a different profile with the massive protruding observation deck thing; will be interesting to see the site a year from now.